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Andrea Dawn Visionary Art & Tattoo Nanaimo

Caring for your Tattoo

Caring for your tattoo doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Here are a few helpful tips to care for your new tattoo.

Andrea Dawn Visionary Art & Tattoo Nanaimo

The day of your appointment

Preparing for your tattoo can set you up for success! On the day of your appointment show up, showered, well slept, and have eaten within one hour of your start time. Do not come in hungover or under the influence of any substance. Wearing comfortable clothes, bringing snacks and water can help the day go smoothly. Please do not use any numbing ointments or creams. If you are prone to anxiety or have restless legs a walk in nature before hand can really help ones nerves. 

Andrea Dawn Visionary Art & Tattoo Nanaimo

Removing the Bandage 

After your tattoo is complete it will be washed and you will be given a bandage. The bandage is designed to remain on the skin for 5-7 days. You may shower during this time and please avoid soaking in hottubs, pools, baths and bodies of water for 2-3 weeks or until the tattoo is completely healed. It is best to take your time when removing the bandage and wash immediately. With clean hands, warm water and plain soap lather and massage your tattoo. Rinse clear and air dry or pat dry with paper towel. Only touch your tattoo with clean hands. 

Andrea Dawn Visionary Art & Tattoo Nanaimo

Healing your Tattoo

After your bandage has been removed you can now use an unscented lotion to moisturize. Apply lotion when your tattoo feels dry and/or tight. Wash daily and only touch your tattoo with clean hands. If you find that any products are irritating your tattoo, stop using them and just wash with plain water. 

Using a good quality spf lotion can help keep your tattoo looking bright and healthy once healed. 


Do contact me if you have any concerns.

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