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The Short Story

Andrea Dawn

THANK YOU! It is great to be sharing my story with you today. I do my best to find beauty in everything I see and to make beauty in everything I do. I cant imagine a better way to live my life. I was born in Maple Ridge, British Columbia and at the age of 7 my family moved back to Vancouver Island. Art and Adventure were always encouraged in our home and I'm so grateful to both my parents for their guidance and support of my passions. I currently live in Nanaimo with my sweetheart, Angelus. I am fond of nature, all animals and have a keen interest in flowers and a budding love for gardening. Walking and snuggling with our sweet pal, Karma, (12 year old Australian Shepherd Dog) brings so much joy into my life. The three of us often find ourselves exploring the pure beauty of the west coast beaches and forests of Vancouver Island. 


I began tattooing in November 2010 At Relegation Tattoo. For this opportunity I am so grateful! Tattooing has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life and continues to push my capacity for growth and feeds my creative expression. I love being able to offer beautiful tattoos for the amazing people that trust me to create their personal artwork. 

In the process of learning to work so closely with people I have become witness many times to the incredible transformations that can occur when intentions are aligned with action. My clients inspire me everyday to wake up and do my best! It is that energy that I wish to return to them.

My own life journey has assisted me in creating beautiful Visionary Animal Artwork. I like to consider the artwork I have created as maps of my inner world and mystical realms. Beautiful, celestial, luminous animal helpers to uplift spirits, adorn sacred settings and explore the mystery with. 


I am also a Reiki practitioner. Reiki is a beautiful way for me to express and share my connection with the universal life force. I'm grateful to be able to offer energy work to support health and wellness for anyone who chooses to receive it.   

Thank you again for taking the time to read my story, I'm sure there will be more to add in time!


Andrea Dawn

Andrea Dawn Visionary Art & Tattoo Nanaimo


To show gratitude to every living thing.

To know beauty in this moment.

To love deeply and share the good. 

To trust.


In this lifetime may there be peace, may there be joy, may there be art.

Andrea Dawn Visionary Art & Tattoo Nanaimo
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